screen of memory - shifting matrix


Asai Ryoi from "Tales of the Floating World" c.1965

"... to live only for the moment, surrender your body and soul to contemplating the moon, the snow, the cherry blossoms and the maple leaf... to not allow poverty to drag you down and show in your face, but to drift like a pumpkin floating in the river -- this is what we call Ukiyo-E."

Upon my second evening shared with cherished friends Jose + Cruz in Barcelona, we walked to Antoni Guadi's Casa Mila La Pedrera where Jose had only weeks earlier installed one of the most exciting 17th - 19th c. Japanese print collections I had ever witnessed. Ryoi's wall text resonated so thoroughly with me -- for I was just about to embark on my first research project of my sabbatical, only one month following the death of my mother.

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