screen of memory - shifting matrix


OAC 03.10.09

DAY 2 03.10.09

Mark took me around in his 4 wheel drive RAMMY RAM which moved through low brush and across muddy rivets like a great African gray elephant, pushing saplings and thick brush aside effortlessly. The 6,000 sq. ft work shop contains pretty much any tool a girl like me would want (both hand and power), old cars and motorcycles under a restorer’s watchful eye. The shop is currently being shared with 32 little chicks, tucked safely in a refrigerator box on its side with heat lamp, water and feed. They’ll eventually be moved to the hen house to produce for their keep >> for artists like me to delight in fresh eggs for breakfast. Contrasts like these are endless here, that is, if you’re paying close enough attention. It all comes so naturally – with this great farm two hours west of Saint Louis – but you might as well be in Kansas with Aunty Em, Dorothy and Toto too.

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