screen of memory - shifting matrix


DAY 1 . 03.09.09
artist residency

After close to 1,000 miles on the road --- which was a pleasant and comfy ride (albeit the last 2 hours when I became a bit stir crazy) - I make my way around the residence house with ease and in comfort. The place is really in the country where the cows are my friends, besides Mark and Catherine, co-directors of Osage Artist Community. The plan for OAC is simple one: provide space and living, food, peace and supportive comfort for artists (visual, writers, and musicians) to come, explore, be thoughtful and work. It is really, really a special place. OAC is fully invested in all artists that pass through their doors as well as those out there working in the world at large.

entrance way to the Ohio River . Paducah KY

3 hours away from Belle MO I drove directly through the city of Paducah KY that is often advertised in Art in America as a place that affords inexpensive spaces with Artist Relocation Program offering incentives to artists to relocate to the historical Downtown area. I've always been curious, so naturally made the stop for coffee in a downtown cafe.

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